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Ana Diez Roux says Americans' health problems are systemic.

Ulrike Malmendier (CEDA) awarded Fisher Black Prize.


Laura Carstensen (Stanford) honored as one of AARP's most influential aging advocates.

James S. Jackson elected president of COSSA.

James Smith (RAND) wins Cozzarelli Prize from PNAS.

Eileen Crimmins (USC-UCLA) wins GSA's 2012 Kleemeier Award.

Linda Waite (Chicago) gives Matilda White Riley Lecture, October 22, 2012.

Kevin Volpp (U-Penn) elected to Institute of Medicine.

Jay Olshansky (Chicago) discusses declines in life expectancy for low-educated whites.

Olivia Mitchell (U Penn) looks at opt-out version of 401(k) in Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Anatoliy Yashin (Duke) wins Sheps Award for Mathematical Demography.

Anatoli Yashin (Duke) receives Mindel Sheps Award for contributions to demographic research methodologies.

Judith Kasper (Hopkins) and Vicki Freedman (Michigan) lead release 1st wave of National Health and Aging Trends Study (NHATS) data.

Alberto Palloni (Wisc.) and team will conduct two new waves of surveys in 2012 and 2014 for the Mexican Health and Aging Study (MHAS).

Kenneth M. Langa gives plenary on Alzheimer's treatment and prevention.

Linda Waite, Deborah Carr, Laura Carstensen and Toni Antonucci comment on living alone without loneliness.

Health and Retirement Study adds genetic data to NIH database.

Toni Antonucci (Michigan) says good friends increase feelings of worth and meaning, especially as we age.

Kenneth M. Langa (Michigan) says care-giving resources for dementia key public policy issue.

William H. Frey (Michigan) tells NYT unmarried boomers face greater economic hardships than married counterparts .

Helen Levy (Michigan) featured in story on U-M faculty advisors to White House.

Ana Diez Roux notes that life expectancy is rising with weak economy as during Great Depression.

William H. Frey says age of senior citizen status a "gray area".

U-Penn's Claudia Valeggia wins Presidential Early Career Award for work in Argentina.

David Wise (NBER) and Daniel Kahneman (Princeton) elected Distinguished Fellows by AEA.

Brigitte Madrian and David Laibson (Harvard) and James Choi (Yale) receive TIAA-CREF award for work on financial security.

Data from pilot wave of Longitudinal Aging Study in India (LASI) now available.

NIA and WHO release report on Global Health and Aging.

PRB publishes report on life expectancy trends in high-income countries.

PRB releases report on volunteering and health for aging populations.

David Weir says years near end of work life best time for retirement savings (USN&WR).

Recent web article from PRB examines how centenarians' genes and habits provide clues to longevity.

Helen Levy (Michigan) discusses federally mandated state health insurance exchanges.


William H. Frey (Michigan) says upcoming retirees "may not run with the herd," but many will still move to Florida.

James W. Vaupel (Duke) receives European Latsis Prize 2011, European Science Foundation (Laudatio).

Robert F. Schoeni (Michigan) discusses AJPH article on early childhood links to mid-life health.

Lauren Nicholas (Michigan) et al find advance directives may improve care, cut costs at end of life.


Applications now being accepted for postdoctoral fellowship at CDHA, University of Wisconsin.

Heather Howard (Princeton) comments on state variation in outreach for insurance enrollment.

Uwe Reinhardt (Princeton) says replace individual insurance mandate.

Applications for NIA's Butler-Williams Scholars Program due March 28.

Applications for Health and Aging Policy Fellows Program due April 16.

Eric Kingson (Syracuse) says senior rights movement needs strong leadership.

Vicki Freedman (Michigan) finds caring for husband adds to wife's happiness.

Heather Howard (Princeton) comments on state insurance exchanges on NPR.

Papers/abstracts for NBER Summer Institute due by March 14, 2014.

Call for papers: Integrating Genetics and the Social Sciences. Deadline 6/1/2014.

Applications for NIA postdoctoral fellowship at NORC due Feb 4, 2014.

Work of Kaare Christensen and Anatoliy Yashin (Duke) featured in article on old age dementia.


Analysis of dementia costs by Michael Hurd (RAND) and Kenneth M. Langa (Michigan) cited in USA Today.

Michael Hurd and Susann Rohwedder (RAND) find variation in retirement spending based on wealth.

Gary Engelhardt (Syracuse) and colleagues find senior homeowners face fewer impediments to good health than renters.

CAPS (Syacuse) and CPC (Cornell) establish consortium to facilitate collaboration and leverage resources.

Arline T. Geronimus elected to Institute of Medicine, 2013.

Angela Duckworth (U-Penn) selected as 2013 MacArthur Fellow.

Angus Deaton (Princeton) examines history behind global health and wealth disparities.

Hans-Peter Kohler (U-Penn) quoted in NYT on U.S. fertility.

USC-UCLA Biomarker Network Meeting, PAA Annual Meeting, April 2014, Boston.

Research of Linda Aiken (U-Penn) cited in NYT piece on the importance of sufficient nursing staffing.

Ron Lee (UC-Berkeley) steps down as Director of CEDA, Will Dow steps in.

Robert Fogel (Chicago) passes away June 11, 2013.

Angus Deaton (Princeton) finds living with children increases stress among seniors.

UC-Berkeley's CEDA to host Second Behavior Change Research Network Conference, Oct 10-11, 2013.

William Dale (Chicago) wins Hartford's Heroes of Geriatric Care story contest.

2013 GSA pre-Conference workshop on the future of minority aging research.

Arline T. Geronimus wins Excellence in Research Award from School of Public Health.

MRRC, NBER-RRC, CRR-BC and the SSA hold annual meeting of the Retirement Research Consortium, Aug 1-2, 2013, Washington DC.

Alberto Palloni (Wisconsin) organizes 2013 International Conference on Aging in the Americas, Sept 17-19, 2013, Austin TX.

Toni Antonucci (Michigan) and Laura Carstensen (Stanford) discuss some causes and effects of happiness in later years.

NIH-funded study at RAND and University of Michigan estimates costs of dementia.

Michael Hurd (RAND) discusses dementia study in NYT.

CPC and DuPRI collaborate in second annual 'Demographic Daze' workshop, June 2013.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Economics and Demography of Aging, Harvard.