CPHA is a highly interdisciplinary environment for developing faculty and students who study aging. CPHA fosters important research breakthroughs, particularly in the overlapping areas of biodemography (biological and biomedical demography of aging), life course analyses, and intergenerational studies, including the transmission of health and longevity.

Research Areas:
Determinants of Health, Well-Being and Longevity
Consequences of U.S. and Global Aging
Population, Economic and Health Forecasting
Health Trends and Disparities
Disability, Health Care and Long-Term Care
Cognitive Aging and the Demography of Dementia
Biology, Genetics and Demography of Aging
Population, Economic and Health Forecasting
Economics of Aging
Innovations in Data Collection and Measurement in Aging Research
Determinants of Health and Aging Across Social Species

Media Contact: Francesca Florey Eischen, contactcpha@duke.edu