David Bloom says mandatory retirement policy based on ageist assumptions

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About 1 billion of the world's population are 60+ years of age. Many want to keep working, in part to stay socially, mentally, and physically active. Although America abolished mandatory age-based retirement in 1986, other countries - and some U.S. states, occupations, and companies - still mandate it. This piece asks: How old is too old to keep working? David Bloom is cited on the complexity of answering this question: “The variations in functioning linked with aging are neither smooth nor well defined…In many parts of the world, policy often seems to assume a division of the life course into a series of stages that is based on chronological age and social roles...that have little physiological basis….but are exacerbated by ageist stereotypes of frailty and mental diminution.”

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David E. Bloom (Harvard)

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"Is It Time To Abolish Mandatory Retirement?" - Forbes. 8/2/2015.

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