Paulson directs NIH-funded Michigan Alzheimer's center

Paulson directs NIH-funded Michigan Alzheimer's center

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"Colleges launch Alzheimer's center" - Grand Rapids Business Journal. 8/16/2016.

Over 5 million Americans 65 and older have Alzheimer’s disease. With an NIH grant of $9 million over 5 years, the Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Center will study and provide education on the causes and treatments of dementia. U-M will work with Michigan State and Wayne State Universities. Henry Paulson, director of MADC, says: “The goal of all this innovative research across the three universities is to understand disease processes and develop better treatments for the various dementias.” Bruno Giordani serves as Associate Director of MADC.

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"NIA Adds Two New Centers to Alzheimer’s Research Network" - Bioscience Technology. 10/06/2016.

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