William Dow is quoted in Forbes as a speaker at Milken Institute Future of Health Summit panel "Race, Gender, and Work: The Economics of Healthy Aging"

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“There is a conundrum when we speak about women’s health,” Dow said. “Women live, on average, much longer than men. But the gap between men and women has actually been declining. Women’s life expectancy is not growing as fast as men’s has been. Partly that's due to the long arm of smoking decisions earlier on in the century, but we’re also very concerned that this has to do with the changing nature of women’s lives in our society today.”

And, he added, “One of the really interesting statistics, the canary in the coal mine, is that if we look at happiness statistics throughout the life course, what we are seeing is that earlier in the 20th century, women on average were happier than men. That is no longer true. It has sort of flipped.”

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William Dow (Berkeley)

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"The Economics Of Healthy Aging For Women" - Forbes. 11/4/2018.

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