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The case for more diversity in studies of genetic association with disease

5/24/2019 feature story

In a recent piece in the journal Cell, authors Giorgio Sirugo, Scott M. Williams, and Sarah A. Tishkoff (U Penn) argue for the need to have more diverse populations in studies of genetic association with disease. Most studies of this type have focused on Europeans, they said, adding that "this European bias has important implications for risk prediction of diseases across global populations." The article acknowledges challenges to recruiting diverse populations, "in some cases due to a mistrust in biomedical research stemming from past experiences of exploitation. To prevent this, local ethics committees have a key role in reviewing and approving proposals, securing compliance with guidelines, and the implementation of a broad range of requirements, from appropriate treatment of study subjects to full involvement of local stakeholders in all stages of research."

The Missing Diversity in Human Genetic Studies.

Sarah Tishkoff

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