Syllabi on Demography, Economics and Epidemiology of Aging

This catalogue of course syllabi on the demography, economics and epidemiology of aging and is intended to be a public service to enhance the quality of teaching and research on aging. Contributions welcome.

The Aging Human Brain. William Jagust. (C129 (Public Health)) 2015. Berkeley.

Aging and Public Health. William Satariano. (C217C) 2015. Berkeley.

Economics of Aging. Julie Zissimopoulos. 2008.

The Demography and Economics of Aging. David Blau. 2006.

Economics Of Social Security. Richard V. Burkhauser. 2001. Cornell.

Biodemography of Human Mortality and Longevityo. Leonid A. Gavrilov and Natalia S. Gavrilova. (Sociology 219/319) 2001. Chicago.

Mortality and Health. John R. Wilmoth. (Demography 230) 2001. Berkeley.

Sociology of the Life Course. Deborah Carr. 2000. Michigan.

Sociology of the Life Course. Deborah Carr. (Sociology 545) 2000. Michigan.

Sociology Of Health And Aging. Barbara Anderson. 1998. Michigan.

Social Demography of Aging. Deborah Carr. (Soc 595) 1998. Michigan.

Demography, Aging, And Public Policy. Douglas A. Wolf. (PPA 730) 1998. Syracuse.

Politics and Policies in an Aging Population. Jacqueline L. Angel. 1997. University of Texas.

Demography of Aging. Emily Agree. 1996.

Stratification, Aging and Long-Term Care. Emily Agree. 1996.

Economics Of Aging. Richard V. Burkhauser. (Econ 552) 1996. Syracuse.

Economic Demography. David Lam and Robert Willis. (Econ 667) 1994. Michigan.

Demography of Aging. Albert Hermalin. (Soc 597) 1993. Michigan.

Causes and Consequences of Population Aging. Ronald Lee. 1992. Berkeley.

sdfs. sdf. 1888. Duke.

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