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Conducting new research and training in aging

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Understanding the generational economy

Established in 2002 by Ronald Lee and Andrew Mason (CEDA, Berkeley), the National Transfer Accounts Project gathers data in more than 50 countries on how people produce, consume, and share resources, and save for their futures.

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Picturing how education impacts life expectancy across the globe

The University of Washington's Center for Health Trends and Forecasts developed the Social Determinants of Health visualization tool, which illustrates cross-country relationships.

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Massive study of the social determinants of HIV/AIDS incidence, prevalence, and mortality

Using data from the Global Burden of Disease Study and national surveys, Haidong Wang (Washington) uses a novel analytical process to quantify the social determinants of HIV at the population level across 188 countries from 1970 to 2015.

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Longitudinal Aging Study in India

David Bloom and Jinkook Lee (Harvard) lead the first two waves of LASI, a large-scale, nationally representative panel survey on aging, health, and retirement in India. LASI will highlight the determinants and consequences of India's population aging processes and inform policy making to address related challenges.

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Developing novel indicators of cognitive function

Lisa Berkman (Harvard) assesses the validity of non-verbal and minimally numeric evaluations of cognitive function against the Health and Retirement Study's HCAP measures in three HRS-based studies in South Africa, the US, and Ireland. Her intent is to develop a battery of harmonized psychometric items for use in a variety of settings.