NIA Demography Centers

Conducting new research and training in aging

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Data on mortality levels and trends, by state, since the 1930s

Using vital records, decennial census, Social Security, and Medicare data, William Dow (UC-Berkeley) is constructing state-level estimates of all-cause mortality by age, sex and year, 1933-2007.

Elderly in China

The generational economy and population aging in 50 countries

Ronald Lee and Andrew Mason (UC-Berkeley) collect and analyze data on formal and informal support systems for the elderly across the globe via the NTA.

Parkinson's brain

Progression of Parkinson's to cognitive impairment

John Trojanowski (U-Penn), director of the Udall Center for Parkinson's Research, studies the molecular mechanisms of neuron dysfunction and degeneration in PD.

Older woman smiling

What predicts aging well among women?

Teresa Seeman (UCLA), Chloe Bird (RAND), and colleagues examine WHI data to identify factors contributing to optimal aging among women 80 years and older.

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Risk factors for sensory and cognitive declines beginning in mid-life

Karen Cruickshanks (Wisconsin) studies the epidemiology of sensory and cognitive changes in Baby Boomers to further the development of interventions to prevent or delay older-age impairments.

Key Activities

  • Funding pilot research initiatives
  • Attracting scholars to the study of aging
  • Creating research networks
  • Developing and promoting new data resources
  • Holding seminars, conferences, and workshops
  • Providing web-based reports and resources

Today's Research on Aging