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The following Centers host research networks organized around a common theme that aims to enhance research not only at the Center itself, but more generally within the field, as well as in relation to other relevant disciplines.

Center for Healthy Aging Behaviors and Longitudinal Investigations (CHABLIS)

University of Chicago

Center for Population Health and Aging (CPHA)

Duke University

Social and Biological Determinants of Aging
Organizer: Jenny Tung

Collaborative for Innovation in Data & Measurement in Aging
Organizer: V. Joseph Hotz

Alzheimer’s Diseases and Related Dementia Health Disparities
Organizer: Igor Akushevich

Life Course Center for the Demography and Economics of Aging (LCC)

University of Minnesota

The Network for Data-Intensive Research on Aging (NDIRA)
Organizers: Steven Ruggles and Phyllis Moen

Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging (MiCDA)

University of Michigan

TRENDS in Old-Age Disability
Organizer: Neil Mehta

Longitudinal Studies of Aging in the U.S.
Organizer: Esther Friedman

Demography of Family Caregiving
Organizers: Kira Birditt and Vicki Freedman

NBER Center for Aging and Health Research

Emerging Challenges in Long-Term Care in the U.S. and Around the World
Organizer: Kathleen McGarry

The Economics of COVID-19
Organizer: Jonathan Skinner

Health Trends and Inequalities
Organizer: Anne Case

Machine-Learning Applications in Healthcare
Organizers: David Cutler and Ziad Obermeyer

The Economics of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias
Organizers: Amitabh Chandra and Jonathan Skinner

Population Aging Research Center (PARC)

University of Pennsylvania

Global Family Change (GFC) Network
Organize: Hans-Peter Kohler

Latin American Network on Aging (LANA)
Organizer: Jere Behrman

Network on Aging in Sub-Saharan Africa (NASSA)
Organizer: Iliana Kohler

Partnership to Improve Care and Translate Evidence for Seniors (PICANTES) nursing home network
Organizers: Mary Ersek and Robert Burke

Network on Migration Advantage (NeMA)
Organizers: Irma T. Elo and Michel Guillot