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Thursday, 03/01/2018 to 03/02/2018, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.   ARCHIVED EVENT

Location: Natcher Auditorium, NIH campus

This year’s NIH Alzheimer’s Research Summit, titled “Path to Treatment and Prevention,” brings together multi-stakeholder participants from academia, government, industry, private foundations, and patient advocacy to formulate an integrated, translational research agenda that will enable the development of effective therapies (disease modifying and palliative) across the disease continuum for the cognitive as well as neuropsychiatric symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Program agenda will be organized around seven sessions:
– Novel Mechanistic Insights into the Complex Biology and Heterogeneity of AD
– Enabling Precision Medicine for AD
– Translational Tools and Infrastructure to Enable Predictive Drug Development
– Emerging Therapeutics
– Understanding the Impact of the Environment to Advance Disease Prevention
– Advances in Disease Monitoring, Assessment and Care
– Building an Open Science Research Ecosystem to Accelerate AD Therapy Development

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