Adult Mortality Determinants in Low and Middle-Income Countries and Comparisons with High-Income Countries (USC)

a Workshop

Friday, 02/25/2022.   ARCHIVED EVENT

Location: University of Southern California

“Adult Mortality Determinants in Low and Middle-Income Countries and Comparisons with High-Income Countries” is a one-day workshop co-sponsored by the USC/UCLA Center for Biodemography and Population Health-CBPH (Eileen Crimmins, Teresa Seeman and Steve Cole) and the UC-Berkeley Center on the Economics and Demography of Aging-CEDA (William Dow).

Workshop Date: Friday, February 25, 2022
Location: University of Southern California
Deadline for submission of abstracts: October 15, 2021

This workshop is designed to share leading research methods and findings on comparative patterns of adult mortality, mortality determinants, and risk factors in low and middle-income countries (LMICs), following-up on workshops held on this topic at USC and Berkeley in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

The goal is to build a robust evidence base for understanding the drivers of cross-national mortality and health expectancy patterns, especially in populations with unusually high or low adult mortality. The newly expanded availability of longitudinal HRS-type surveys in LMICs makes this an opportune time to gather a network of researchers using such data to study mortality patterns and determinants, in order to share innovative methods, new results, and ideas for the most promising research agenda going forward.

We solicit presentations of papers using data from one or more LMICs, particularly from longitudinal harmonized HRS family studies (see in Brazil (ELSI), China (CHARLS), Costa Rica (CRELES), Ghana (SAGE), Korea (KLOSA), India (LASI), Indonesia (IFLS), Mexico (MHAS), and South Africa (SAGE). We also encourage use of other LMIC micro-data with mortality follow-ups, e.g. from Taiwan (SEBAS), China (CLHLS), South Africa (HAALSI), and elsewhere, as well as comparisons with data from higher income countries such as the US (HRS), Japan (JSTAR or NUJLSOA), England (ELSA), and Europe (SHARE).

The sponsors will underwrite the costs of hotel accommodations and meals during the workshop. Where needed, the sponsors can also cover up to $500 in economy-class airfare for travel to the conference. We are currently planning for a fully in-person meeting, but we will monitor COVID-19 risks to determine closer to the meeting date whether we will need to switch to a virtual format.

This will be a small meeting of about 30 people. We invite one-page abstracts, which should be submitted by October 15 to and For inquiries about topical areas, please contact Will Dow and Eileen Crimmins
For further information, please contact Jung Ki Kim at