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Monday, 12/06/2021 to 12/07/2021.   ARCHIVED EVENT

Location: Online & The University of Texas at Austin

Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission deadline: September 30, 2021.


Background and Aims

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) affect the health and well-being of aging adults in many ways, yet older adults’ adoption and use of new ICTs lag behind those of younger people. Understanding older adults’ diverse needs and preferences is essential for facilitating the learning and use of eHealth/mHealth tools by older adults and their caregivers. To address the intersection of current trends in aging and technology requires interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration. The Aging and Health Informatics Conference (AHIC) aims to provide a highly interdisciplinary forum for researchers, educators, clinicians, as well as government agencies, non-profit, and for-profit organizations at the national, state, and local levels to explore and collaborate on the social, behavioral, and design aspects of health informatics as related to aging, culture, and community.

Building on the success of our 2019 AHIC, our 2021 AHIC calls for participation from a wide range of academic fields and disciplines, including (but are not limited to) Anthropology, Communications, Computer Science, Engineering, Gerontology, Human Development, Information Science, Medicine, Nursing, Nutritional Science, Pharmacy, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology. We will also encourage participation of non-academics working with and for older adults, including those from government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels; staff and administrators of public libraries, senior centers, senior-living facilities, and other community organizations serving the older population; and members of the industry designing technology for aging users and their caregivers.

Registration is FREE but required.

The 2021 AHIC is sponsored by the National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health (#R13AG067668).