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Friday, 11/05/2021.   ARCHIVED EVENT

Syracuse Center for Aging and Policy Studies (CAPS)Center for Aging and Policy Studies (CAPS) Annual Fall Conference will begin with a keynote and Q&A with CAPS 2021 Visiting Scholar, followed by short presentations from CAPS affiliates, students, and postdocs.

CAPS Annual Conference 2021 Agenda, Nov. 5, 2021.

The 2021 CAPS Visiting Scholar is Courtney Boen, Assistant Professor and Axilrod Faculty Fellow, Department of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, who will speak on “The Scars of Legal Violence: Immigration Policy, Surveillance, and Enforcement and Population Health Inequality.”

Pilot Award Presentations:

Moderator: Janet Wilmoth (Syracuse)

  • Pinka Chatterji (Albany), Medicare Part D and Disparities in Chronic Disease among the U.S. Elderly Population (YR 1 Pilot)
  • Scott Landes (Syracuse), Comparing Alzheimer’s Related Mortality Among People with and without Down Syndrome (YR 1 ADRD)

Pilot Flash Talks:

  • Emily Wiemers (Syracuse), The Consequences of Disabilities in Late Middle Age for Consumption Well-Being (YR 1 ADRD)
  • Colleen Heflin (Syracuse), Increasing Access to SNAP for Older Adults Through the Standard Medical Deduction (YR 2)
  • Jun Li (Syracuse), Effect of Medicaid Expansion on Low-Income, Aging Adults’ Use of Informal Care (YR 2)
  • Chun-Yu Ho (Albany), Elderly Health in Rural America: Impact of Hospital Closure (YR 2)
  • Benjamin Shaw (University of Illinois Chicago) and Tse-Chuan Yang (Albany), Living Alone and Risk for the Development of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias: When Does Solitary Living Matter and Why (YR 1 ADRD)

Flash Session:

Moderator: Douglas Wolf (Syracuse)

  • Sarah Hamersma (Syracuse), Is Variation in Public Insurance Eligibility Across Children and Parents Associated Within-Family Insurance Mismatch?
  • Min Jang (Albany), Changes in the Educational Outcomes of Americans with Disabilities
  • Baris Yörük (Albany), Does Public Policy Affect Attitudes? Evidence from an Age-Based Health Insurance Coverage Policy
  • Megan Hyland (Cornell), Taking NOTICE: Effects of an Information Intervention for Medicare Patients in the Emergency Department
  • Vida Maralani (Cornell), The Stigma of Fatness at Work: Occupational Characteristics and Wage Penalties of Obesity by Gender and Race