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Wednesday, 04/06/2022.   ARCHIVED EVENT

Location: Atlanta, GA

USC-Davis School of Gerontology buildingThe Biomarker Network is a National Institute of Aging sponsored project to develop an interdisciplinary group of scientists dedicated to improved measurement of biological risk for late life health outcomes in large representative samples of populations. Activities of the network include designing and carrying out a series of focused meetings, interactive activities, workshops, and pilot projects to harmonize and develop measurement of biological risk in populations.

Biological risk represents objective measurement of major dimensions of population health. The level of risk can indicate the health of the population, need for health care treatment in a population, and the effectiveness of that treatment in controlling risk or delaying disease progression, and death. The measurement of biological risk in large populations often requires adoption of methods not used in laboratory settings. This project will improve the methods of measuring health used in populations and improve comparability of results over time and across studies, which is important for monitoring population health.
The Biomarker Network is funded through the National Institute on Aging (NIA) grant R24AG037898.

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