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Tuesday, 08/31/2021, 11:00 am.   ARCHIVED EVENT

Phillipp Koellinger, of the Wisconsin Center for Demography of Health and Aging (CDHA) will explain how genes are linked to behavior, socioeconomic status, and health, and the interconnection between genes and environments. He also contemplates a future with genetic data everywhere and explains how the role of genetic luck limits the amount of credit or blame people deserve for the things that happen in life. His talk, “Our Genes Tell an Important Story,” is part of the Badger Talks Live, La Follette Focus series.
for “Our Genes Tell an Important Story.”

2021-08-31 Philipp Koellinger, Wisconsin CDHA, presents 'Our Genes Tell an Important Story'

Details on how to join at https://go.wisc.edu/q0beb9.

Dr. Phillipp Koellinger is a professor in social science genetics at the La Follette School of Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin Madison and also hold an appointment at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam at the Department of Economics. His research investigates how genes influence economic behavior, and how insights into the genetic architecture of behavioral outcomes can inform social and medical research. Some of my work also explores how the brain mediates relationships between genes and human behavior. He is one of the principal investigators and co-founders of the Social Science Genetic Association Consortium (SSGAC), the BIG BEAR Consortium, and the Externalizing Consortium.

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