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Thursday, 03/07/2024 to 03/08/2024.   ARCHIVED EVENT

Social scientists at all levels who are interested in AD/ADRD research are invited to apply for the Science of AD/ADRD for Social Scientists program. The goal of the program is to inform participants about the biomedical and clinical foundations of AD/ADRD to strengthen their social science research. Topics include: Alzheimer’s therapies, risk factors, biomarkers, genetics, among others.

This two-day event will take place at the University of Southern California on March 7-8, 2024. Travel funds (up to $500) and hotel accommodations will be provided for selected applicants. For more details, please see the attached Science of AD/ADRD for Social Scientists program announcement. Applications close December 1st.

The University of Southern California Alzheimer’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease Related Dementias Resource Center for Minority Aging Research (USC AD/ADRD RCMAR) and Center for Advancing Sociodemographic and Economic Study of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (CeASES ADRD) are pleased to announce the second annual Science of Alzheimer’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease Related Dementias for Social Scientists program. This unique program consists of a two-day series of lectures by national, interdisciplinary experts on AD/ADRD. Topics include disease pathology, vascular contributions, imaging, genetics, biomarkers, novel therapies among others and reflect recent scientific advances in these areas. The purpose is to expose both junior and more advanced social scientists interested in pursuing research in the AD/ADRD field to the clinical and biomedical foundations of the diseases, with the ultimate goal of expanding knowledge and facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations.

The Science of AD/ADRD for Social Scientists Program offers participants the opportunity to learn about the biomedical, clinical, and social issues of ADRD to inform their social science research by:

  • Providing a vocabulary for engaging in meaningful dialogue with the biomedical community.
  • Aiding participants to recognize key issues in biomedicine and make the best use of available data.
  • Providing a valuable screen of significant studies to identify the most salient details.
  • Providing examples on how to incorporate biomedical and clinical concepts to social science research.
  • Serving as a forum to ask experts tailored questions to inform their social science research.

The two-day program will take place at USC’s University Park Campus in Los Angeles, California on March 7-8, 2024. It is open to social scientists, at any level (pre-doc, post-doc, junior and senior faculty or the equivalent), interested in pursuing or expanding their research agenda in the field of AD/ADRD. The program will reimburse for airfare up to $500 and provide hotel accommodations for participants outside the Los Angeles area, and ground transportation and parking for local participants. Meals will be provided the days of the program.

Applicants will submit their CV, select publications and grants (as relevant), and a short description of how current or future work is related to their interest in the program. Please visit the website and complete the application by December 1st.

Program organizers are: Julie Zissimopoulos, PhD, Director of USC AD/ADRD RCMAR, CeASES ADRD and USC Schaeffer Center Aging and Cognition Research Program; Eileen Crimmins, PhD, Director of Multidisciplinary Research Training in Gerontology PhD Program and USC/UCLA center on Biodemography and Population Health; Jennifer Ailshire, PhD, Co-Director USC AD/ADRD RCMAR and Associate Dean of Research; Mireille Jacobson, PhD, Co-Director USC Schaeffer Center Aging and Cognition Program; Johanna Thunell, PhD, Research Scientist, Program Administrator, CeASES ADRD.

For administrative questions, contact Haley Garland hgarland@usc.edu