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CEDA supports cutting-edge discovery and dissemination of knowledge on the demography of aging by supporting new research via pilot project funding; providing support for programming, computing, and data access; facilitating and encouraging interdisciplinary interactions and innovation; organizing conferences and seminars; supporting junior faculty development; and disseminating research findings.

Research Themes
Biology, genetics and demography of aging; Consequences of U.S. and global aging; Health trends and disparities; Determinants of health, well-being and longevity; Population, economic and health forecasting; Behavioral economics.

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Pilot Projects

  • 2021. Ben Handel . Can Tele-Medicine Increase Access and Make Health Care Delivery More Accessible? Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Chronic Disease Treatment and Outcomes.

    Priority Research Areas: Determinants of Health, Well-Being and Longevity, Effects of Interventions on Population Health

  • 2020. Dennis Feehan. Social network methods for estimating adult death rates in the absence of vital registration.

    Dates subject to NOA

  • 2020. Gretchen Donehower and Ron Lee. Population Aging and the demand for paid and unpaid care: the US in international context.

    Dates subject to NOA

  • 2020. Jim Carey. Recording Lifetime Activity, sleep patterns and reproduction to assess health span and predict time-to-death in the Mediterranean fruit fly.

    At UC Davis Dates subject to NOA

  • 2020. Justin White. A Pilot Trial of Gamification for Enhancing a Smoking Cessation App.

    At UCSF Dates subject to NOA

  • 2020. Paul Gertler. How Excess Sugar Consumption Early in Life Affects Health in Adulthood.

    Dates subject to NOA

  • 2019. Andres Cardenas. Resilient Epigenomes; DNA Methylation Signatures of "Blue-Zone" Residents.

  • 2019. Hilary Hoynes. The Effects of Employment Incentives and Cash Transfers on Adult Mortality: Evidence from the Long Run Effects of Welfare Reform Experiments.

  • 2019. Ming Hsu. Memory based choices and its neural substrates.

  • 2018. Daniel Schneider. Job loss and health among U.S. manufacturers: using Facebook to augment existing data sources.

  • 2018. Ellen Eisen. Deaths of Despair and Job Loss in a Cohort of Autoworkers.

  • 2018. Gretchen Donehower. Integrating care, age, and health: a database for hypothesis testing and generation.

  • 2018. James Carey. Lineage and Longevity.

  • 2018. Leora Lawton. Assessing Relationships Between Social Networks and Well-being.

  • 2018. Stephanie Child. Use of Redirected Inbound Call Sampling for Increasing Access to Research Participation among Black Americans.

  • 2017. Dow, William H. Health and Aging in Cuba.

  • 2017. Goldstein, Joshua. Towards a new, public data set for studying mortality inequality: Matching the 1940 U.S. Census with Social Security death records, 1963-2011.

  • 2017. Jagust, William. The Influence of Aging on Neural Systems Mediating Behavioral Responses to Financial Rewards.

  • 2017. Kariv, Shachar. Predicting Elderly Health Behaviors and Outcomes Using Decision-making Quality and Risk Attitudes.

  • 2016. Jonathan Kolstad and Benjamin Handel. Preventive Care Utilization and Health Effects of Physician Incentives and Information.

  • 2016. Joshua Goldstein. Hispanic Names, Acculturation, and Health.

  • 2016. Magali Barbieri. Beyond the HMD: Developing a Mortality Database for the Rest of the World.

  • 2016. Ronald Lee. The socioeconomic gradient in US Age-related transfers, health and mortality.

  • 2015. Ming Hsu. Tracking Decision-Making Capacities Across the Lifespan: New experimental approaches.

  • 2015. Alexander Gelber. The Effect of Social Security Benefits on Retirement: Evidence from the Notch Cohorts.

  • 2015. Luis Rosero-Bixby. Population Aging and Socioeconomic Inequality in National Transfer Accounts.

  • 2015. Ming Hsu. Game-Based Approaches to Measuring Decision-Making.

  • 2015. Rucker Johnson. Interlocking Pathways of Mobility from Education to Adult Health.

  • 2015. Stefano Dellavigna. Expert Forecasts: An Exploration on Health and Aging Experiments.

  • 2015. James Carey. Aging in Wild Drosophila Fruitfly Populations.

  • 2014. Emilio Zagheni. Empirical Bayes Approaches for Imperfect Human Mortality Data.

    Original pilot award through June 30, 2015. Carryforward request will be made in July 2015

  • 2014. William Dow. Epigenetic Characteristics of the High Longevity Nicoyan Population of Costa Rica.

  • 2014. Kenneth Wachter. Alleles Affecting Longevity as a Genome-Wide Statistical Ensemble".

    Original pilot award through June 30, 2015. Carryforward request will be made in July 2015

  • 2014. Ulrike Malmendier. Experiences and Expectations.

    Original pilot award through June 30, 2015. Carryforward request will be made in July 2015

  • 2014. Don Moore. Overconfidence Over the Lifespan.

  • 2014. Ming Hsu. Decline in monoamine turnover and its effects on decision-making in older adults.

  • 2014. Shachar Kariv. The quality of the economic decision-making of the elderly: A Combined Survey and Field experiment.

  • 2013. Ming Hsu. Decline in monoamine turnover and its effects on decision-making in older adults.

  • 2011. Ken Wachter. Genetic Markers in the Health and Retirement Study: Risk Aversion, Height, and Health.

  • 2010. Shachar Kariv. The Consistency and Heterogeneity of Individual Behavior under Uncertainty: A Combined Survey and Field Experiment.

  • 2009. William Dow. Using Group Commitment To Promote Smoking Cessation in Thailand.

  • 2009. Claude Fischer. Changes in Social Networks over the Later Life Cycle.

  • 2007. Ivry, Richard. The benefit of sleep on reward-based learning of gains and losses in older adults.

  • 2006. William Satariano. Environmental Correlates of Disability in an Older Population.

  • 2006. William Dow. Costa Rican Census Mortality Linkage.

  • 1999. John Wilmoth. Measurement of Mortality Differentials for the US.

  • 1999. Ronald Lee. Intergenerational transfers among the Maya of Yucatan.

  • 1998. Kenneth Wachter. Multivariate Indices of Short-term Risk of Death, Heart Failure, and Stroke in Elderly Persons.

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