The mission of the NBER Center for Aging and Health Research is to develop, coordinate and advance research by economists on health and aging issues. Center research is conducted through research networks and pilot projects on high-priority themes including those listed here.

Research Themes
Economics of COVID-19; Health trends and inequalities; Data analytics, information technology and health care decision-making; Economics of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias; Dynamics of the health care ecosystem; Medical innovation and the value of health care; Behavior change in health.

Pilot Projects

  • 2019. Adler-Milstein, Handel, Kolstad. Electronic Medical Records, Provider Behavior and Health Outcomes among the Elderly.

    also with Malmendier and Obermeyer

  • 2019. Aparna Soni. Pharmaceutical Access, Functional Outcomes and Implications for Caregiver.

  • 2019. J. Abaluck, P. Hull, A. Starc. Differential Mortality in Medicare Advantag.

  • 2019. R. Abramitzky, H. Williams, D. Fetter. End-of-Life Care in U.S. History.

  • 2019. T. Gross, T. Layton, D. Prinz. Liquidity and Healthcare Consumption.

  • 2018. David Silver. Early Life Origins of Intergenerational Mobilit.

  • 2018. Jessica Van Parys. Does Internet Access Affect Provider Choice and Health Outcomes of Medicare Beneficiaries.

  • 2018. Leila Agha. Provider Organizations and Care Coordination: Effects on Utilization, Quality and Outcome.

  • 2018. Molly Schnell, E. Meara, N. Morden. Understanding Opioid Prescribing Practice.

  • 2017. Leila Agha. Assessing the Medicare Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program.

  • 2017. David Cutler, Adriana Lleras-Muney. Economic Growth, Pollution, and Health Improvements.

  • 2017. Amitabh Chandra. Asymmetric Information in Health Care: Evidence from Physicians Who Are Now Patients.

  • 2017. Amitabh Chandra, Doug Staiger, Maurice Dalton. Predicting the Impact of Hospital Closures on Patient Outcomes.

  • 2017. Bruce Weinberg. Measuring the Impact of Scientific Research on Health.

  • 2017. Jeffrey Clemens, Joshua Gottlieb. Financial Incentives and Long-Run Health Sector Capacity.

  • 2017. Nicole Maestas, David Grabowski, Brian McGarry. Improving Decision-Making by Older Adults in the Medicare Part D Program.

  • 2017. Timothy Layton. The Effect of Medicaid Managed Care on the Health of Aging Individuals with Disabilities.

  • 2017. Amanda Kowalski. Risk Factors and Breast Cancer Screening.

  • 2017. Katherine Baicker, Z. Obermeyer. Assessing the Overuse and Underuse of Diagnostic Testing.

  • 2017. M. Notowidigdo, J. Graves,T. Gross. Medicaid Expansion, Hospital Choice and Health Outcomes: Evidence from a Near-Census of Hospitalizations.

  • 2017. Joseph Doyle, P.Gulur, M.Jacobsen. Pain Management for Opioid Tolerant Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

  • 2016. Nikhil Agarwal. Effects of Medicare Reimbursement Rates on Quality of Dialysis Care and Patient Outcomes.

  • 2016. Zack Cooper. All-Payer Measures of Health Spending and the Link among Spending, Health Care Utilization and Health Outcomes.

  • 2016. Marcella Alsan. How do Preferences Over Doctors Vary by Patient Gender and Race?.

  • 2016. L. Katz, J. Kling, L. Sanbonmatsu. Using Data from Moving to Opportunity to Investigate Early Influences on Educational Outcomes.

  • 2015. David Chan. The Impact of Local Coverage Determinations on Costs and Patient Outcomes.

  • 2014. David Cutler. ACOs and Decision-Making in Hospitals.

  • 2014. Sita Slavov, John Shoven & D. Wise. Using Firm Benefits Data to Understand Labor Force Decision-Making.

  • 2014. Katherine Baicker. The Use of Financial Incentives and "Nudges" to Improve Behavior.

  • 2014. Amanda Kowalski. The Long Term Impact of Health Insurance Expansions.

Center Administrator/Media Contact: Joan Stillwell