Center for Aging and Policy StudiesThe State Policy & Politics Database (SPPD) contains annual data, from 1980 to 2021, on U.S. state policies and politics that are relevant for population health and aging. Variables in the SPPD span labor and economic policies (e.g., minimum wage, right to work laws), safety net policies (e.g., Medicaid, unemployment insurance), health behavior policies (e.g., opioid prescribing, alcohol tax), and political orientation of states’ legislatures and citizens. The SPPD was created by the NIA P30 Center for Aging and Policy Studies (CAPS).

There are two ways to access the SPPD.

  1. Access the SPPD as a standalone dataset on the CAPS website.
  2. The SPPD can be linked to restricted-use versions of the HRS, PSID, and NHATS through the University of Michigan’s Virtual Data Enclave (VDE). To apply for access to these survey datasets linked with the SPPD, visit the University of Michigan’s VDE website.