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Brooks B. Gump, PhD, MPH, a professor of public health at Falk College at Syracuse University in New York, told Healthline “When compared to other infectious diseases, COVID is in a class of its own.”

Gump and other experts say it’s far from certain that the current decline in severe COVID-19 cases will continue.

“I would push back on the notion that hospitalizations and deaths have plateaued,” said Gump. “They are the trailing indicators, and case counts are rising again. Unfortunately, we will have a very dynamic situation for the foreseeable future – with infection rates and case-fatality rates varying as a function of new variants [that vary] in transmissibility, severity, and resistance to vaccines, vaccine and booster effectiveness and coverage, and adherence to guidelines on masking and distancing.”

“The idea that we can just set a policy and walk away is a pipe dream. If we want to keep some control of these rates, we need to modify our approach each time the situation on the ground shifts,” he added.

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