Research Centers Collaborative Network of the National Institute on Aging, NIH

Seed Pilots for Aging Research Collaboration (SPARC): RCCN Pilot Grants to Promote Inter-NIA Center Collaborative Research

Application Deadlines: April 1 and October 1

This mechanism provides funding to catalyze enduring collaborations for at least two collaborative pilot, planning or meeting grants of up to $65,000 supporting interdisciplinary research in cross cutting theme areas per year.

The RCCN Pilot Award application process has been updated since our last RFA. Going forward, proposal topics can be related to any RCCN Workshop theme. In addition, there will be two set deadlines each year: April 1 and October 1.

Proposals should address topics spanning the missions of multiple NIA Center programs. As noted above, relevant topics are exemplified by the themes of RCCN-sponsored workshops. Each project should involve at least two NIA-sponsored research centers.

Read the RFA on the Research Centers Collaborative Network website.