an In The Media Appearance

Center for Aging and Policy StudiesScott Landes was interviewed by the Associated Press about his work on how the Census Bureau’s changes to disability-related questions will impact disability research.

“This, in my mind, is illogical. There is a piece of me that thinks, ‘How dare you — to think that we don’t count.’ I get offended.”

An article in the January 2024 issue of The Milwaukee Magazine quotes Doug Wolf and refers to a paper written by Wolf, Shannon Monnat and Jennifer Karas Montez regarding the adverse public health consequences of state legislation that preempts local governments’ ability to impose paid sick leave requirements on employers.

It seems safe to conclude that the state’s preemption law is responsible for numerous deaths that might not otherwise have occurred.

An article by Population Reference Bureau featured work by Emily Wiemers, Shannon Monnat, and Haowei Wang related to how COVID-19 affected the mental health of older adults.