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Eileen Crimmins USCThe U.S. News & World Report reported on the risk factors for long haul COVID. Some risk factors predict long COVID – hair loss, headache, and sore throat during illness, and obesity increase the risk of long haul symptoms. According to a recent paper by Eileen Cimmins & coauthors, other risk factors for COVID-19 infection do not predict long COVID. “What’s somewhat more interesting are the things that didn’t matter,” Crimmins said. “Gender didn’t predict long COVID. Race/ethnicity didn’t predict long COVID. And having conditions like hypertension [high blood pressure], heart disease, cancer, they didn’t predict long COVID.”

Original research
Qiao Wu, Jennifer A. Ailshire & Eileen M. Crimmins (2022). Long COVID and symptom trajectory in a representative sample of Americans in the first year of the pandemic. Scientific Reports, 12: 11647.