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Is a healthy social life a healthier life in general?

5/20/2019 feature story

In a recent CNN piece that examined ties between an individual's social connections and their health and longevity, Lisa Berkman, a Harvard professor of public policy, epidemiology and global and population health, noted comparisons of social social isolation and other major mortality risk factors, like smoking. Also, eating together with people in your social circles can have its benefits, said Berkman. Eating with others can help people avoid turning to the kinds of foods people turn to when they are stressed. "What we know is that people who have strong social connections tend not to be so obese," Berkman said in the CNN report, noting that the opposite may be true for those who are more socially isolated and who may in turn have less healthy habits.

Friends and family may help Italians live healthier and longer.

Lisa Berkman

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