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"It's time to change the definition of 'health'" - Statnews. 07/17/2019

“Today, managing disease, not solely its absence, is a means to a healthy life, especially for older adults. Rather than pursuing the “absence” of disease, we need a more inclusive definition of health – one that works for more people – rather than categorically excluding an entire segment of the life course. A definition of health needs to work for a nation. And most nations in both the developed and developing world are aging.”

“Having disease and feeling healthy are no longer mutually exclusive, especially for older adults. Managing multiple diseases is the norm for older Americans – approximately two-thirds of adults over age 65 and more than three-quarters over age 85 are managing two or more diseases, while many report being in good or very good health. High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis, kidney disease, thyroid conditions, and osteoporosis are among the most common chronic conditions, but with regular access to continuous medical care, these and many more can be managed well, sometimes even without symptoms.”


Jason H. Karlawish

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