United Nations CareersOffice of the Director of the UN DESA Population Division has a job opening for Chief of the Population Trends and Analysis Branch (D1) with application deadline of 25 May 2022. The Chief leads, supervises and carries out the work programme of the Branch, which includes the Population Estimates and Projections Section, the Demographic Analysis Section, and the Demographic Data Systems Unit.

The position is located in the Population Trends and Analysis Branch of the Population Division of the Department of Social and Economic Affairs. The Chief of Branch reports to the Director. More information is available at the UN Population Division website.


Formulates and implements the substantive work programme of the Population Trends and Analysis Branch. Oversees the management of activities undertaken by the Branch, ensures that programmed activities are carried out in a timely fashion and co-ordinates work in the different areas both within the Division and Department, and with other organizations of the United Nations System, as appropriate. Provides technical oversight of the Branch, ensuring that population estimates and projections are accurate and informative, and that methods of analysis are innovative where appropriate and, in all cases, consistent with best practices in the fields of demography and statistics.

Interested applicants should visit the job posting.