Josh EhrlichThe New York Times reported on the connection between  dementia and eyesight. Josh Ehrlich’s research using the Health and Retirement Study which estimated that approximately 100,000 (or about 1.8%) of current dementia cases could have been prevented through healthy vision. Dr. Ehrlich said that while this is a small percentage, it represents an easy fix. Eye exams, eyeglasses, and cataract surgery are relatively accessible and inexpensive. He said, “Globally, 80 to 90 percent of vision impairment and blindness is avoidable through early detection and treatment, or has yet to be addressed.”

Original research:
Joshua R Ehrlich, Jenna Goldstein, Bonnie K Swenor, Heather Whitson, Kenneth M Langa, and Phillip Veliz (2022). Addition of Vision Impairment to a Life-Course Model of Potentially Modifiable Dementia Risk Factors in the US. JAMA Neurology, 79(6): 623-626.