Judith Campisi says new publication is GSA’s most comprehensive textbook on biology of aging

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"GSA releases most comprehensive textbook on basic biology of aging to date" - EurekAlert!. 12/14/2015

The Geontological Society of America’s new e-book, *Molecular and Cellular Biology of Aging*, explores how basic aging processes relate to age-related disease, how aging and longevity are subject to both gene-gene and gene-environment interactions, and how greatly increased insight into these relationships can help scholars design rational strategies for intervention. Judith Campisi, along with Jan Vijg and Gordon Lithgow, is an editor of this compendium. Campisi says: “Aging research has undergone a revolution in scientific understanding and potential for meaningful intervention in the last two decades. This long-awaited textbook provides the first comprehensive description of modern thinking, experimental results, interpretations and controversies in this growing and fast-evolving field. The e-book format will allow frequent updates, making the textbook a unique and perpetually contemporary guide to the field.”

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