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"Mark Hayward on the Decline in U.S. Life Expectancy" - Washington Journal, C-Span. 08/11/2021

Mark D. HaywardMark Hayward of the Texas Center on Aging and Population Sciences (CAPS),  spoke about new federal data showing a decline in U.S. life expectancy in this Washington Journal, C-Span interview.

Dr. Hayward’s primary research addresses how life course exposures and events influence the morbidity and mortality experiences of the adult population. Recent studies have clarified how early life conditions influence socioeconomic, race and gender disparities in adult morbidity and mortality; the demography of race/ethnic and gender disparities in healthy life expectancy; social inequality in the biomarkers of aging, and the health consequences of marriage, divorce, and widowhood. Most recently, he has been investigating the fundamental inequalities in adult mortality in the United States arising from educational experience, differences in these associations by race and gender, and trends in inequality in mortality.