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A new Minding Memory episode – Caregiving for Individuals Living with Dementia – is now available. 
This episode features Amanda Leggett, PhD – a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry here at the University of Michigan. Amanda, who has interviewed over a hundred patients with dementia and their caregivers, talks with Donovan & Matt about some of the unique aspects of dementia caregiving.
We hope you enjoy this episode – thanks for listening! 

The CAPRA Research Team
About the Minding Memory Podcast:
In this podcast we discuss topics related to dementia research. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment for dementia research, and we have topics for both those new to the space as well as old pros. We start with some basics, like: What exactly is dementia? What are the different types of dementia? What is the TICS, if not a swarm of blood-sucking insects? But we also invite researchers on to discuss their interesting work to give you a glimpse at the questions, data, and methods moving the field forward.

Minding Memory is co-hosted by Matthew Davis and Donovan Maust. Matt and Donovan are Associate Professors and health services researchers at the University of Michigan. Matt’s PhD is in data science and Donovan is a psychiatrist. The Minding Memory podcast is part of the Center to Accelerate Population Research in Alzheimer’s (CAPRA) at the University of Michigan, supported by the National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health. Additional support also comes from the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation (IHPI) at the University of Michigan.

Minding Memory is available on your favorite podcasting platforms including AppleSpotify, and Google. You can also listen to it on the Michigan Medicine Podcasting Network and the CAPRA website.