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2021 PRB Fact Sheet - US Dementia Trends banner cropOne estimate suggests that more than four times as many people with dementia live in traditional community settings than in nursing homes and residential care (such as assisted living or personal care homes).

However, more than half of nursing home residents have dementia. Among those ages 70 and older living in nursing homes in 2019, 70% had dementia, according to one recent study.

Where people who have dementia live and how they receive care depends partly on their ability to pay.

  • People with higher incomes who have dementia are somewhat more likely to live in residential care, which cost $49,000 (median) per year in 2019 and is not covered by Medicare.
  • People with lower incomes who have dementia are more likely to live at home in the community or in nursing homes. Depending on the state, Medicaid (for those who qualify) may pay a portion of nursing home expenses, which cost $90,000 (median) per year in 2019.