PRB features research on older women’s disability and financial challenges by Crimmins (USC/UCLA), Freedman (Michigan), Hauser (Wisconsin), Coile (NBER), Milligan NBER, Wise (NBER), Beltrán-Sánchez (Wisconsin), Subramanian (Harvard), Choi (Michigan), Schoeni (Michigan), Mitchell (U-Penn), Maestas (RAND).

Older women in the United States continue to live longer than men, on average, but they’re spending an increasing share of their later years living with a disability, research suggests.


Eileen Crimmins

Hiram Beltrán-Sánchez

Robert M. Hauser

Courtney C. Coile

Kevin S. Milligan

David A. Wise

Olivia S. Mitchell

S. V. Subramanian

Nicole Maestas

Vicki Freedman

HwaJung Choi

Robert F. Schoeni

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