PRB report looks at the changing face of dementia

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Dementia Trends: Implications for an Aging America” – Population Reference Bureau. 07/15/2017

A new report examines recent research on dementia and discusses declines in U.S. dementia rates, the trends shaping past and future prevalence (including the roles of education, SES, and chronic conditions), dementia disparities by race/ethnicity, dementia trends in lower-income countries, and the costs of dementia care. Work cited in the report includes that by Belsky, Crimmins, Freedman, Herd, Hurd, Kasper, Langa, Lee, Martorell, Rebok, Spillman, Weir and others.


Eileen Crimmins

Jinkook Lee

Pamela Herd

Michael D. Hurd

Paco Martorell

Judith Kasper

George Rebok

Vicki Freedman

Kenneth M. Langa

David Weir