Quincy Samus (Hopkins) et al Examine Cost-effective Care coordination for People with Dementia At Home


A study by Quincy Samus (Hopkins’ Economics of Alzheimer’s Disease & Services center) and co-authors Amber Willink, Karen Davis, Deirdre Johnston, Betty Black, Melissa Reuland, Ian Stockwell, Halima Amjad, and Constantine Lyketsos published in Innovation in Aging suggests that hospitalization risk reduction strategies may benefit from understanding and addressing caregiving circumstances. Managed-care plans with the flexibility to engage community health workers could benefit from a low-cost, high-touch intervention to meet the needs of enrollees with dementia. Read more.

Willink A, Davis K, Johnston DM, Black B, Reuland M, Stockwell I, Amjad H, Lyketsos CG, Samus QM. Cost-Effective Care Coordination for People With Dementia at Home. Innov Aging. 2020 Jan 1;4(2):igz051. doi: 10.1093/geroni/igz051. PMID: 31911954; PMCID: PMC6938464.