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Conducting new research and training in aging

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Risk factors for sensory and cognitive declines beginning in mid-life

Karen Cruickshanks (Wisconsin) studies the epidemiology of sensory and cognitive changes in Baby Boomers to further the development of interventions to prevent or delay older-age impairments.

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Understanding how Americans age

Carol Ryff (Wisconsin) is PI of the 20-year Midlife in the U.S. (MIDUS) study, which investigates the influence of sociodemographic, psychosocial, and behavioral factors on health and well-being from early adulthood to later life.

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Desire for and benefits of engaged activities for older adults

Laura Carstensen (Stanford) uses socio-emotional selectivity theory in her examination of older adults' preferences for and benefits from meaningful job and volunteer activities.

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Investment choices among workers in Mexico's privatized social security system

Justine Hastings (NBER) links data from Mexico's privatized social security system to household survey data to examine relationships between workers' demographic characteristics and fund choices.

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How does obesity impact international differences in longevity?

Samuel Preston (University of Pennsylvania) identifies individual-level mortally risks associated with different levels of obesity that can be used in international and intertemporal comparisons of how obesity contributes to longevity.