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Friday, 09/22/2023 to 09/22/2023, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.   ARCHIVED EVENT

Location: Online

Causes of America’s Lagging Life Expectancy: An International Comparative Perspective

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Jessica Ho is a demographer and sociologist whose expertise lies in the study of aging, health, and mortality. Her major areas of research examine: (1) why American life expectancy lags far behind other high-income countries, (2) factors contributing to widening inequalities in mortality across social groups within the United States, and (3) the causes and consequences of the contemporary American drug overdose epidemic. Her work highlights the key role health behaviors and other socially patterned factors play in shaping American mortality. Some of Ho’s current projects focus on identifying how factors related to American culture, social institutions, and the organization of everyday life may explain why the U.S. has the lowest life expectancy of any high-income country and the consequences of the drug overdose epidemic for older adults, families, and intergenerational relationships.