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"Medicare Patients Had Slightly Better Survival Rate With Foreign-Educated Doctors, Study Finds" - Wall Street Journal. 02/02/2017

"US patients who see immigrant doctors live longer than those treated by their American-trained colleagues" - Quartz. 02/07/2017

"U.S. patients have lower mortality rates with foreign-trained doctors" - Reuters. 02/07/2017

"US Patient Mortality Lower With Non-US-Trained Physicians" - Medscape. 02/07/2017

According to a study by researchers at Harvard, including Ashish Jha, Medicare patients in U.S. hospitals were less likely to die when their doctors were educated outside the U.S. The researchers expressed concern about the findings in light of the Trump administration’s new immigration policies and the nation’s heavy dependence on foreign-educated doctors. Mr. Trump’s executive order “creates the impression that America is becoming less open,” Jha said.


Ashish Jha

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