Belsky says test to predict the pace of biological aging isn’t ready for market

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"Aging Tests Yield Varying Results" - Science Newsline. 11/16/2017

"These tests can’t really say how fast you’re aging" - Futurity. 11/16/2017

"Aging tests disagree with one another" - Gears of Biz. 11/17/2017

In 2015, Duke’s Daniel Belsky and colleagues used data from the life-long Dunedin, NZ study to develop 18 measures of biological aging for participants who were age 38 at the time. Their results were published in *PNAS*. In an expanded study published this week in *AJE*, Belsky et al. have found some disagreement about whether these measures all point in the same direction. Belsky says having measures of biological aging is important: “People age at different rates and geriatric medicine needs a way to measure that.” But when measuring many different physiological indicators – from genes to blood markers to balance and grip strength – “you see a lot of disagreement.”


Avshalom Caspi

Terrie E. Moffitt

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