How does expanding Medicaid impact access to and wait times for primary care?

an In The Media Appearance

"Rapid Medicaid expansion in Michigan didn't reduce access to primary care" - EurekAlert!. 06/17/2016

"Report: Primary care access increased for Medicaid patients after expansion in 2014" - Crain's Detroit Business. 06/17/2016

"Good news on health care" - Michigan Radio. 06/21/2016

"Medicaid expansion brought across-the-board relief for Michigan hospitals, study finds" - Medical Xpress. 06/21/2016

A new study shows that one year after expanding Medicaid in Michigan, enrollment in the program almost doubled but primary care appointments and wait times stayed about the same for patients with both Medicaid and private insurance. These findings help allay fears that expanding Medicaid will overload doctors’ offices and/or crowd out non-Medicaid patients from primary care.

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