Joseph Dielman uses pilot funding to explore impact of economic development on health of older populations in 188 countries


It is well known that health and wealth are closely linked within and across diverse populations around the globe. However, it is not well understood how this relationship varies across age and time, and what the relative impact of economic development is on aging populations. Increases in income generally lead to improved health, while health generates increased productivity and prosperity. However, population health is far more complex than a single aggregate can capture. This project uses measures of mortality and morbidity, disaggregated by age and sex for 188 countries around the world, to identify the effects of economic development on health throughout the life cycle. In addition, it identifies the population subgroups whose health is most susceptible to economic growth and decline. Finally, it explores how the impact of disability at older ages is related to changes in income as groups approach and enter retirement age. While these results will be presented for all-cause mortality and morbidity, they set a platform to expand these studies to cause-specific analyses in the future.


Joseph Dieleman

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