Matthew Dupre (Duke) quoted in Time for his research on health impact of marriage

an In The Media Appearance

"George H.W. Bush Died Less Than 8 Months After His Wife of 73 Years. Doctors Explain Why That's So Common" - Time. 12/01/2018

“Men often rely on their spouses for important sources of support and care, particularly at older ages,” says Matthew Dupre, an associate professor of population health sciences at the Duke University School of Medicine.

“It’s important for older adults to understand how the loss of a significant loved one may impact their own health and longevity,” Dupre says. “It is also important for health care providers, family and others to be vigilant in providing those the support that is needed to cope with the death of a spouse — particularly among those who are facing their own health issues.”


Matthew Egan Dupre