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"More Older Women Now Living With 'Moderate' Disability, Study Shows" - US News & World Report. 03/17/2016

"More Older Women Living with 'Moderate' Disability" - WebMD. 03/17/2016

"Women live longer than men but suffer more years of poor health" - New Scientist. 03/17/2016

"Women live longer, but not as well as men, in their golden years, study finds" - CNN. 03/17/2016

"Older women lose much of their advantage in living active lives" - EurekAlert!. 03/17/2016

"Study: Women live longer than men, but with more disabilities" - UPI. 03/18/2016

"Women live longer in comparison to men" - Times of India. 03/19/2016

"Women outlive men but suffer long years of disability" - Fox News. 03/21/2016

Vicki Freedman, Douglas Wolf, and Brenda Spillman analyzed data from two large studies of disability trends among Medicare enrollees over the past 30 years. Freedman says they found that “older men have been living longer and experiencing disability at later ages than they used to, while older women have experienced smaller increases in life expectancy and even smaller postponements in disability. As a result, older women no longer can expect to live more active years than older men, despite their longer lives.”


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