Vicki Freedman finds black Americans live more of their older years with disability than white Americans

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"Gaps in active life expectancy remain between black, white Americans" - Business Insider. 08/09/2016

"In Later Years, Disabilities End Blacks’ Active Lives Sooner Than Whites’" - Kaiser Health News. 08/08/2016

"For Aging Blacks, 'Golden Years' Often Marred by Disability" - US News & World Report. 08/10/2016

"Gaps in active life expectancy remain between black, white Americans" - Fox News. 08/10/2016

"For aging blacks, 'golden years' often marred by disability" - Chicago Tribune. 08/12/2016

"Blacks, especially women, suffer more disabilities in later years than whites do" - Washington Post. 08/13/2016

Analyzing data collected 1982-2011, Vicki Freedman and Brenda Spillman found that older black Americans spent more years needing help with daily living than white Americans. They say: “Understanding long-range trends in longevity and disability is useful for projecting the likely impact of the baby-boom generation on long-term care utilization and spending…. Public health measures directed at older black adults – particularly women – are needed to offset impending pressures on the long-term care delivery system as the result of population aging.”

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