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Past Events

Past Events




Oct 20

Symposium: The Symposium on Healthy Aging

Chicago Theological Seminary and Online


Dec 06

Conference: Aging and Health Informatics Conference

Online & The University of Texas at Austin

May 14

Webinar: Health Care After the Pandemic: What Will Change? (PARC)

Rachel Werner (Executive Director, Penn LDI, Medicine and Health Care Management)


Jul 08

Seminar: Work as a Social Determinant of Health and Aging

Lisa Berkman (Director, Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies (HCPDS), Harvard School of Public Health)


May 29

Seminar: DemSemX – Designing COVID-19 Research

Wendy Manning (Bowling Green State University), Elizabeth Wrigley-Field (Minnesota)


May 21

Symposium: Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging (MiCDA) Research Symposium 2020

Colter Mitchell (PSC, U of M), Jessica Faul (PSC, U of M), HwaJung Choi (MiCDA, U of M), David S. Johnson (PSC, U of M), Yajuan Si (PSC, U of M), Lindsay Kobayashi (MiCDA, U of M), Frederick G. Conrad (PSC, U of M), Neika Sharifian (Psychology, U-M), Noah J. Webster (MiCDA, U of M)


Feb 14

Webinar: Legacy of Syphilis Study and Ethical Considerations for Health Disparities Research with Older Adults: A Bioethics Dialogue

Stephen O. Sodeke (Bioethicist and Professor of Allied Health Sciences and Bioethics, Tuskegee University College of Arts and Science)

Webinar: 9AM Pacific


Aug 12

Workshop: Longitudinal Data Analysis, Including Categorical Outcomes

Donald Hedeker (Professor of Biostatistics, Public Health Sciences, University of Chicago)

ICPSR -- Ann Arbor, MI

Jul 10

Workshop: An Introduction to Entity Resolution with Rebecca Steorts

Rebecca C. Steorts (Assistant Professor, Statistical Science, Duke University)

1430 ISR-Thompson

Jun 10

Workshop: Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) Data User Workshop

Paula Fomby (PSC, U of M), Charles C. Brown (PSC, U of M), Steven Heeringa (PSC, U of M), David S. Johnson (PSC, U of M), Narayan Sastry (PSC, U of M), Noura Insolera (U of M), Katherine McGonagle (U of M), Paul Juska

ICPSR - Ann Arbor, MI

Jun 06

Workshop: Digital Demography in the Era of Big Data

Institute of Statistics and Cartography, Seville, Spain

Jun 04

Workshop: Network Analysis: Overview and Applications To Population Science

Ceren Budak (Assistant Professor, School of Information), Daniel Romero (Assistant Professor, School of Information)

ISR Thompson 1430

May 17

Symposium: Health and Retirement: Expectations, Cognition and Behavior

Robert Willis (Survey Research Center, U-M), David Lam (PSC, U of M), Margaret Levenstein (PSC, U of M), David Weir (PSC, U of M), Robert F. Schoeni (PSC, U of M), HwaJung Choi (MiCDA, U of M), Joelle Abramowitz (MiCDA, U of M), Matthew D. Shapiro (PSC, U of M), Pamela Giustinelli (Economics)

ISR Thompson

Mar 28

Symposium: MiCDA Pilot Project Symposium

Sarah Burgard (PSC, U of M), Roshanak Mehdipanah (MiCDA, U of M), Melissa Y. Wei (MiCDA, U of M), Kristine J. Ajrouch (MiCDA, U of M), Sela Panapasa (MiCDA, U of M), Joshua Ehrlich (MiCDA, U of M)

1430 ISR Thompson

Jan 04

Meeting: ASSA Annual Meeting

Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel, Atlanta, GA


Nov 07

Symposium: The Future of Social Security – Michigan Forum

Henry Aaron (Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution), Jason Fichtner (Former Deputy Commissioner (Acting) and Chief Economist, Social Security Administration), John Laitner (MiCDA, U of M), Thomas C. Buchmueller (PSC, U of M), Helen Levy (PSC, U of M), H. Luke Shaefer (PSC, U of M)

Michigan League Building, Vandenberg Room

Oct 31

Symposium: 2020 Census: Citizenship, Science, Politics, and Privacy

Gary Peters (US Senate), Al Fontenot (Associate Director, Decennial Census Program, U.S. Census Bureau), Barbara A. Anderson (PSC, U of M), James S. House (PSC, U of M), Joelle Abramowitz (MiCDA, U of M), Jason Owen-Smith (PSC, U of M), Jeffrey Morenoff (PSC, U of M), Margaret Levenstein (PSC, U of M), Jowei Chen (Research Associate Professor, Center for Political Studies, ISR)

1430 ISR

Oct 23

Workshop: Total Survey Error: A Framework for High Quality Survey Design

Brady T. West (PSC, U of M), Paul Schulz (Population Studies Center, U-M)

1430 ISR Thompson

May 07

Event: MiCDA Pilot Project Symposium & Reception

Neil Mehta (PSC, U of M), Courtney Allyn Polenick (MiCDA, U of M), Lauren Schmitz (MiCDA, U of M), Christine Cigolle (MiCDA, U of M), Laura Beth Zahodne (MiCDA, U of M), Jessica Faul (PSC, U of M), Kate Duchowny , Tiffany Jantz

1430 ISR-Thompson

May 04

Workshop: Inequality and Aging

University of Hohenheim, Germany

Mar 26

Conference: Aging in America 2018

Hilton San Francisco Union Square


Nov 08

Meeting: NIA Directors Regional Meeting on Aging Research

University of Colorado, Denver, Nighthorse Campbell Native Health Building

Aug 12

Conference: 2017 Meeting of the American Sociological Association

Palais des Congrès de Montréal in Montréal, Québec

Jul 23

Conference: IAGG 2017 World Congress

Moscone Center, San Francisco